New York City - by: Raymond Haddad
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Shout out to the people sticking their heads out the top-floor windows to tie my iphone photo together (at Hotel Rosenlaui)
30th Aug 201410:35

Welcome to San Francisco, California
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@janinepatitucci @danpatitucci and @simonduverney working hard to get those lifestyle photos for @outdoorresearch and @climbingmagazine
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There we were… Minding our business on top of our route when suddenly a bus size column of rock peeled off the wall next to us. @semi_rad sits stunned at the violence.
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@danpatitucci enjoying prime conditions and a sore throat and fever on the West Ridge of Innominata at Sciora on Monday
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@janinepatitucci @danpatitucci and @simonduverney talking about the weather at the Sciora hut on Sunday.
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@thegription loved this climb, but maybe not as much as the guy from the Czech Republic in the background. On my descent of the corniced summit ridge, I chopped out a step and hopped out of the track to let him pass. He stopped a foot away from me, a thousand-foot drop just behind him, and he and I laughed and gestured and smiled for a solid minute about how beautiful it was up there, despite having zero words in common. Just before he stepped away, he reached out and gently grabbed my arm, I think just to share the moment with someone else who was grateful.  (at Mönch)
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at Schilthorn
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at Gspaltenhornhütte SAC
20th Aug 201413:16

After a long exciting hike, Rocky was just too tired to go on. No problem
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Kirkjufell Mountain by FOKION
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at Schilthorn
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at Oeschinen Lake
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at Kleine Scheidegg
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Opaque  by  andbamnan