Meanderings of the Lower Mississippi River [940 x 1936]CLICK HERE FOR MORE MAPS!
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So Close! by Kyriakos Kaziras
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Saying goodbye to Devils Tower today after a great week with this guy, Wyoming Renaissance man Frank Sanders, 62-year-old climbing guide, bed & breakfast owner, piano player, possessor of two master’s degrees, ice cream disposal expert, and world champion hug giver. Hope @forestwoodward and I can bring his story to everyone soon. (at Devil’s Tower Lodge)
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Frank Sanders descending from Devils Tower for at least the 2,500th time
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yay rocks (at Devils Tower)
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@forestwoodward getting his history lessons at dawn on the Durrance Route (at Devils Tower)
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@forestwoodward getting his history lessons at dawn on the Durrance Route (at Devils Tower)
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This is a photo of Xtreme Sports Photographer @forestwoodward with a 3-foot meat stick in front of Devils Tower and the American flag (at Devil’s Tower Trading Post)
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The legend, Frank Sanders, in his happy place (at Devils Tower)
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Ian and Celeste’s first time up Devils Tower, my first time taking a photo of a double headstand on a summit (at Devils Tower)
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@forestwoodward and @gondalia watching the birds dance on the summit (at Devils Tower)
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Emelie showing her power
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The smells of spring … by Marko König
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Jump by Kyriakos Kaziras
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Opaque  by  andbamnan